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Times Are Changing

AI and Software Development: A New Era

Software Engineering with AI

In this transformative era marked by advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), we face both excitement and uncertainty. Yet, we see unparalleled opportunity.

Our studio thrives at the intersection of seasoned software engineering and AI's innovative potential. We don't just use AI; we blend it with our deep industry experience to enhance creativity and efficiency. This unique combination propels us beyond traditional boundaries, unlocking innovative, tailored software solutions.

Join us in embracing the future. Discover how our expertise combined with cutting-edge AI can create software that truly stands out.


TypeScript & React Experts - From Mobile Apps to Complex Backend Systems

  • Mobile Apps

    React Native & Expo

    Tap into our React Native experience to swiftly develop delightful mobile apps. We prioritize efficient delivery while maintaining quality, ensuring your app meets deadlines and user expectations.

  • Web Apps

    React, Next.js, Remix, Astro

    We lead you in crafting responsive, engaging web applications that convert visitors into users. Enhancing current platforms or starting anew, we make your web presence strong and memorable.

  • AI

    Integrate LLMs into your products

    It's not about adding a 'Chat with AI' feature for the sake of novelty; we aim to implement LLMs where they can make a real difference, bringing genuine value to your products.

  • APIs

    REST, GraphQL, and tRPC.

    API development can be intricate. We offer guidance in designing and implementing REST, GraphQL, and tRPC APIs, ensuring they are secure, scalable, and maintainable, facilitating smooth integration and data exchange across your systems.

  • Infrastructure

    AWS, GCP, Cloudflare, Vercel

    Optimize your cloud infrastructure with our expert guidance. We specialize in AWS, GCP, Cloudflare and Vercel. We help you reduce costs, enhance reliability, and boost performance, ensuring your infrastructure scales effectively with your business.

  • Migrations

    Overcome scalability issues

    Whether you're moving between tech stacks or switching cloud providers, we provide end-to-end support for your migration projects, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth, secure transition for your critical data and services.

Off The Shelf

Our collection of free open source libraries and paid starter kits to help you get started on your own

Maximilian Ast - Chief Product Builder at Ast Product Studios

Hi, I'm Max

Founder & Software Engineer

I'm passionate about building software that has an opinion and is a joy to use. When possible, I use open source products and build my products in public. I believe in "less is more", pragmatism, and a transparent, no-bs approach to software engineering.

Depending on availability and scope, I team up with other talented freelancers I have worked successfully with in the past. To get an assessments based on your project's requirements, feel free to reach out.


Aside from consulting, we also started to build and release our own products. Here's what we have in the pipeline

Time to Build

What shall we work on?